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Combat Exercises are a series of optional missions included in Battlezone and Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs which serve to introduce the player to the game.

Synopsis Edit

Jason Bates is deployed to the moon to begin training as an NSDF officer. His first lesson introduces him to the Razor and teaches him how to fly it, culminating in using the vehicle's offensive capabilities to destroy two Training Turrets. After his success in basic combat training Bates is then taught to use his sniper rifle using three remote-controlled drones of increasing difficulty.

Having passed combat training, Bates is then introduced to command. He is first given command of a Badger and taught how to use it to defend areas of strategic significance, learning to use the command interface in the process. He then graduates to learning to use production units and the importance of Scavenger escort, before his training ends in the use of commanding offensive units to destroy enemy targets.

Following the completion of his training, Bates is deployed to a command position at Outpost 3.

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