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Chicken gmicon
Name: Chicken
Progenitor: Deathmatch
Mode: PvP
Players: 2-8

Chicken is an unused gamemode that was cut from Battlezone early-on in its development and never programmed.

Details Edit

All that remains of Chicken today is its shell icon, which was never removed from the game.[1] It was based on - and named after - the gamemode Kill the Fool with the Chicken from LucasArts' 1997 game Outlaws,[2], in which players race to pick up a Chicken, and then are forced to flee from others attempting to kill them in order to take it. The player who carries the Chicken the longest wins the game.[3] In this way Chicken would play very similarly to Battlezone II's Rabbit Deathmatch, or like a mobile variation of King of the Hill.

It is not clear what the Chicken object would have been or which maps Chicken would be playable on.


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