Battlezone and The Red Odyssey Edit

In-shell cheats, to be typed on the specified menu:

iamadirtycheater: Lists all missions in the selected campaign when typed at the mission briefing screen.
iampissediam: Presents a hidden audio log by Jason Bates when typed at the main menu. Not all of the command is required; "pissed**" is the only section recognised by the game.

In-game cheats, to be typed during play while holding CTRL and SHIFT (these cheats also work in Battlezone: Battle Grounds):

time: In multi-player matches with a time limit, displays the timer. In matches with no time limit, displays the time elapsed. No effect in single-player.
loggit: Enables network logging in multi-player.
waves: Toggles terrain waves for lava on Io maps.

Battlezone Edit

In-game cheats, to be typed during single play while holding CTRL and SHIFT (these cheats also work in Battlezone: Battle Grounds and Battlezone 98 Redux, except where noted):

bzbody: Invulnerability. Does not protect against Sniper Rifle fire.
bztnt: Infinite ammunition.
bzfree: Infinite resources (both biometal and pilots).
bzradar: Perfect radar.
bzview: Allows satellite uplink without a Communications Tower.

The following commands were added by Battlezone 98 Redux:

bzwinner: Win the current mission.
bzloser: Fail the current mission.

Additional in-game commands to display collisions and hardpoints exist in debug builds of 1.5[1],[ver] but these are not available to the public.

Dedications, each accessed by a nine-character code at any mission success screen:

wesley: Presents a message from Brad Pickering, accompanied by a picture of his son Wesley, when typed at a mission completion screen. Three characters must be added at the end.
iamlinusc: Presents a list of dedications from Linus Chen.
iammonolith: A short list of thank-yous composed by Matthew Paul. The last two characters do not need to be typed.
iamcchico: A message from Carey Chico encouraging the user to buy another copy of Battlezone and a pair of hot pants. Curiously titled "Notes from Damien".
iamgsutty: "Welcome to Graphics Software Labs", a message from George Sutty thanking his family for their patience (with an accompanying picture and Bates' drunken message).
ifluffyou: A thank-you message from the lead designer to the lead designer's lead girlfriend and their lead cat, Spurt.
iamjwaldo: A simple dedication from Jerry Waldorf to his then-girlfriend Elizabeth, now his wife.
fearmanox: A message from Will Stahl entitled "YOU MUST FEAR THE MANOX", dedicating the game to his late mother. The message was broken by 1.3 but restored by 1.5.
iamagolma: A list of thanks by Andrew Goldman, truncated from "iamagoldman".
iamwrosas: A message from Will Rosas which was restored by 1.5 after being broken by 1.3.
revoemag: A thank-you message from Mike Arkin. The code is one character short, so another must be typed.
iamcodeelf: A brief warning on leaving code unattended from Ken Miller. The "f" is unnecessary.
jensandersen: Jens Andersen's thanks to his colleagues and friends. The last three characters are not required.
iambdiggs: Brian Diggs' message, written in a combination of German, Portugese and assorted other languages and only translated after fifteen years.

Battlezone: The Red Odyssey Edit

In-shell cheats, to be typed on the specified menu:

sammy: Queues the Sammy bonus mission when typed at a mission success screen.
DOPEFISH: Provides a text message about the Dopefish when typed into a mission completion screen.

In-game cheats, to be typed during single play while holding ALT and SHIFT:

tebuffy: Invulnerability. Does not protect against Sniper fire.
tedeadite: Infinite ammunition
terat: Infinite resources (both biometal and pilots)
tedontdie: Perfect radar
tenerd: Allows satellite uplink without a Communications Tower

Dedications, again accessible by typing a code at the mission debriefing screen:

waring: A message of thanks from Robert Waring, accompanied by an audio recording and an image of the team.
mickb: A short thank-you from Mick Brown to the various community mapmakers who worked on Battlezone.
killerbee: The chorus of Metallica's 1986 track Leper Messiah, written from bottom-to-top. The contributor is unknown.
cheeckpuppet: Richard Farrelly's thanks to other team-members, other developers of Battlezone and Battlezone II and his fiancée
slingshot: A message and picture from Toni Chaffin, thanking the rest of the team and his family.
pineapple: A message (simply "What?") and audio message from Matt Houser.
brianenoenoiagi: A list of Tom Cleghorn's contributions and an ASCII art man.

An additional dedication from Dan Tudge exists in the game's assets, but there is no code for it to be accessed by.

Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs Edit

All cheats are to be typed at the main menu with the Z trigger held.

↑ → ↓ ←: Invulnerability
L R L R: Infinite ammunition
A B A B: Free buildings
B ← ↓ A: Allows satellite uplink without a Communications Tower
↑ → ↓ ← Start: Unlocks all levels
Hold R and press ↑, →, ↓ or ←: Increase game speed

Battlezone II Edit

In-game cheats, to be typed in the console (usually accessed using Ctrl+` or Ctrl+~ depending on keyboard layout). These cheats work in Battlezone: Combat Commander unless otherwise stated.:

game.cheat bzbody: Invulnerability
game.cheat bztnt: Infinite ammunition
game.cheat bzfree: Infinite biometal
game.cheat bzradar: Perfect radar
game.cheat bzedit: Enables editor (CTRL+E to access, defunct in 1.3b45 but reintroduced by Battlezone: Combat Commander)[2]
game.cheat bzview: Enables satellite access on Shift+F10 (Editor only since[3]
ai.winmission: Instant mission victory (defunct in 1.2+)[ver]
game.cheat bzwinner: Instant mission victory (introduced in 1.2)
game.cheat bzloser: Instant mission loss (introduced in 1.2)
game.cheat bzstealth: Moves the user to team 0 (introduced in 1.3b55g)
game.cheat bzunstealth: Moves the user back to their original team (introduced in 1.3b55g)
game.cheat bzlockaip: Prevents the AI from switching between plan sets (introduced in 1.3b55g)
game.cheat bzsetaip <filename>.aip <team#>: Forces the specified team to use the declared AIP (introduced in 1.3b55g)[2]

Pilot cheats, to be used as the player name at the pilot select screen:

Play ISDF: Unlocks all missions up to the start of A Battle Royale.
Play Scion: Unlocks all missions up to the start of A Species Not Worthy.

Battlezone: Combat Commander added the following additional pilot cheats:

Play All ISDF: Unlocks all missions of the ISDF Campaign and A Battle Royale.
Play All Scion: Unlocks all missions of the ISDF Campaign and A Species Not Worthy.

Other Battlezone Games Edit

Battlezone 2000Edit

All cheats to be typed at the tank selection screen.

OPTION 1, OPTION 1, OPTION 1, RESTART or OPTION 1, OPTION 1, hold OPTION 1 and press PAUSE: Launches the original version of the game.

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