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Capture the Armory
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Name: Capture the Armory
World: Europa
Campaign: Rise of the Black Dogs

Faction: Black Dogs
Enemy: CCA, NSDF, Furies
Scrap: 0
Geysers: 0


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Capture the Armory is the ninth and penultimate mission of the Rise of the Black Dogs campaign available only in Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs.


Capture the Armory takes place in an series of valleys which were previously host to a large CCA base infiltrated and destroyed by Grizzly One shortly before the Furies were unleashed on Titan. The area is now largely undeveloped, playing host only to a small NSDF outpost.


The Black Dogs have discovered evidence suggesting that the NSDF are holding a Hadean Armory at a base on Europa. Before deployment Cobra One is warned to avoid conflict due to the size and nature of the expected opposition; not only have large numbers of NSDF and CCA forces been detected but evidence suggests Fury craft are also present, likely for the same reason as the Black Dogs.

Cobra One lands to the surface and leads a group of Black Dog units to the outpost, where they successfully capture the structure.


  • Despite the mission's emphasis on avoiding conflict, the briefing orders the player to destroy all enemy forces in the area.


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