CCA Cannoneer

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Faction: CCA
Name: Unknown
Codename: Cannoneer
Vehicle Type: Self-Propelled Long-Range Artillery Turret
Built By: Unit Factory

Health: 2000
Ammo: 2000
Built Time: 15s
Scrap Cost: 8

P mortar 1 Howitzer

The Cannoneer is an artillery unit used by the CCA.


The CCA howitzer is excellent at long-ranged attacks on stationary positions. It can be used to destroy buildings from a great distance; in the case of Gun Towers, well outside their range.

Like all artillery units, the Cannoneer must deploy its STAB Hooks before it can use its weaponry; it is incapable of firing unless deployed and must be defended if moving through enemy territory.

The Cannoneer's Howitzer mortar is specifically designed for artillery shelling, providing ten times the number of rounds as the Standard Mortar. Changing the Cannoneer's loadout is thus not recommended.

Trivia Edit

Svartl beta render
  • The model of a five-barrel version of the Cannoneer was found on the Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs cartridge. It has a significantly different shape and appears to be around the same age as the early six-barreled Longbow.
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