Faction: CRA
Name: Cupric Plasma Stabber
Type: Cannon

Ammo Cost: 12/100
Damage: Medium/Heavy
Speed: Medium/Medium
Range: 200m/260m


The CP-Stabber, or Cupric Plasma Stabber, was a weapon developed by the CRA and equipped by several of their units, appearing as a green projectile. The weapon has two exclusive forms, a combat version equipped by the Yeti and supplied by the Chinese Armory, as well as a heavier assault version that can only be used by the CRA's Heavy Tank and Laser Gun Tower. The combat form of the weapon closely matches the strength of the SP-Stabber used by the NSDF and CCA, with only negligible differences in its ammo cost and damage output. The assault version of the weapon is far more powerful, it's increased range and damage making it a terrifying weapon that allows the Heavy Tank to closely rival the Yeren in strength.

Trivia Edit

  • Battlezone: The Red Odyssey refers to the CP-Stabber as SP-Stabber everywhere except the Emperor's description in the multiplayer unit selection screen, which used its full name; this was later corrected by Battlezone 98 Redux. Prior to this, it had been commonplace to refer to the CP-Stabber as the "Heavy SP-Stabber".

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