CCA Poster
Faction: Cosmo Colonist/Communist Army
Home Nation: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Era: Biometal War

  • Protection of Soviet biometal collection efforts
  • Accumulation of Cthonian relics
  • Recreation of the Furies
  • Destruction of the NSDF

The Cosmo Colonist Army, also known as the Cosmo Communist Army or CCA, was a Soviet space force equivalent to the NSDF.

It was formed initially to protect Soviet biometal collection efforts in space, but the CCA High Command quickly decided its best option was to remove the competition posed to it by the American NSDF outright. It began to realize this with a decisive Blitz assault against the NSDF's bases on the Moon, and from there proceeded to head to Mars to wipe the Americans out for good. While there, however, Cthonian relics were discovered and soon the war became not about Bio-metal but obtaining more of the long lost Cthonian technology to best use what resources they had.

Unit Standards Edit

When compared to their NSDF counterparts CCA units are typically hardier, sacrificing some manoeuvrability in exchange for slightly more ammunition and health. Typically this means that CCA units are actually weaker in one-on-one combat with such equivalents unless their armament provides an advantage as in the case of the Golem.

Appearance Edit

CCA units are typically white with red and black detailing, though utility units such as the Scavenger and Erector are usually red with black and white detailing. Units are typically emblazoned with either a five-pointed star or, more rarely and particularly in the case of the Czar, a red lightning bolt.

Cosmo-Colonist Army
Producers Recycler · Factory · Armory · Erector
Utility Scavenger · Tractor
Defense Pak · Cannoneer · Molotov
Offense Flanker · Stoli · Czar (Capitan) · Tusker · APC · Grendel · Golem · Mammoth
Buildings Solar Power Plant · Lightning Power Plant · Wind Power Plant · Gun Tower · Barracks · Scrap Silo · Communication Tower · Supply Depot · Repair Hangar · Cafeteria · Launch Pad
Notable Members Chestikov · Karnov · Romeski · Alexi Doyestevski · Wilhelm Arkin
Events Biometal War
Locations Venus · Europa
Cut Content Anti-Air Gun · Bio Silo · Carrier · Guided Missile Unit · Hind · Laser Defense System · Rammer · Striker
Cthonian civil war Hadean Crown · Olympian Council · Furies · United Cthonians
Bio-wars NSDF (Black Dogs) · CCA (Himmelluft) · CRA · Furies · Third Reich
Scion Campaign ISDF · Scion Convergence · AAN Loyalists · New Regime · Scion Rebels
Cut Aliens
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