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Unnamed Map (Bz2001)
Bz2001 shell
Name: None
World: Mire[1]
Campaign: None

Faction: ISDF
Enemy: Furies
Scrap: 0
Pools: 0

Bz2001 shell

Bz2001 is an unused mission designed for the Unreleased 1998 Demo of Battlezone II. Its files remain in the game's assets, but can only partly be opened by the game.[2]


Bz2001 was created using an earlier version of Battlezone II's map editor, so attempting to load its BZN with any version of Battlezone or Battlezone II will cause a crash. Its terrain can be loaded using the /nobodyhome Command Line Option, but recovering the map object data (and thus fully resurrecting the mission) is impossible.

The script was intended to task the player, driving an Avenger,[3] with escorting two Attila walkers to destroy a bridge. Multiple waves of Fury tanks attack them, and patrolling tanks will attack if they stray within range. The mission ends in success once the bridge is destroyed, or failure if the Furies destroy the walkers.[4]



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