Bolt Buddy
Faction: Furies
Name: Bolt Buddy
Type: Cannon
Filename: gbolt
Ammo Cost: 20
Damage: Medium
Speed: 1e30 m/s (effectively instant)
Range: 150m

The Bolt Buddy 2000, commonly known as simply the Bolt Buddy, is an energy weapon primarily used by the Furies. It fires blue bolts of electricity at a medium range. It is the standard armament on both the Fury Flier and the Fury Tank, but was also used on both the CCA Fury Hybrids (and presumably the NSDF equivalentwhile they were in development. The Black Dog Squadron also has access to this weapon through their Armory.

Description Edit

This alien weapon was nicknamed the Bolt Buddy by NSDF soldiers terrified of its effects. The version possessed by the Black Dogs costs 8 scrap to produce, making it somewhat of a poor choice.

History Edit

The Bolt Buddy was first invented by the Hadean Crown for the original Fury project. It was likely derived from the bolt weapon fired from Arc Mines, which were first developed by the Olympian Council. It would later become the predecessor of the Scion Arc Cannon.

Design Edit

The Bolt Buddy fires mid-damage mid-range electrical bolts at a decent rate, matching the damage output of the Minigun but with a much steeper ammo cost. Due to the shape of the Fury craft, the weapon has significantly lower range when used by the Furies, allowing a stock Grizzly to out-range the alien craft.

Tactics Edit

The Bolt Buddy, while not being the most powerful beam-based weapon in the game, is a worthy combatant to most standard weapons such as the AT-Stabber. However it cannot be used for long periods of time without the need for reloading due to its higher ammo consumption. On many Deathmatch maps, the Bolt Buddy is often considered the "balanced" alternative to the Blast Cannon.


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