NSDF M47A9 Light Tank
Avltnk render
Faction: NSDF
Name: M47A9 Light Tank
Codename: Bobcat
Vehicle Type: Armoured Assault Tank
Built By: Unit Factory

Health: 2000
Ammo: 1500
Built Time: 7s
Scrap Cost: 6

P cannon 1 AT-Stabber
P missile 1 Thermal Hornet
P special 1 Solar Flare
NSDF M47A9-BD Light Tank
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Faction: NSDF Black Dogs
Name: M47A9-BD Light Tank
Codename: Bobcat
Vehicle Type: Armoured Assault Tank
Built By: Unit Factory


A less powerful, less vesatile older sibling to the Grizzly. The Bobcat was designed to be the NSDF's main battle tank after it served in large numbers during the initial Lunar establishment years, but has fallen out of use since Dr. Arkin's demands for a more effective replacement. Nonetheless, the Bobcat is a low-cost, reliable offensive unit.

The original main battle tank of the NSDF before the Grizzly was introduced, many veterans prefer the Bobcat over the Grizzly as a result of its faster top speed and larger nano-ammo capacity. The rocket hardpoint also allows the Bobcat to adapt to more situations than the Grizzly can. It is noted by commanders that the Bobcat requires less resources than the Grizzly, allowing for a larger amount of battle tanks to use agaist the enemy.

Original Design Edit

Truman bobcat

Having proven itself during the Second World War, the US knew a strong and versatile tank would be crucial to fighting on other worlds. This early design later became the NSDF Bobcat. It was all it was intended to be and more, outperforming anything in the German arsenal. The unit was so effective, in fact, that it remained in use during the Biometal Wars of the late 60s, more than twenty years after it first rolled off the assembly line. The original designs were later used again in the production of the Grizzly.[citation needed]



  • 20m/s maximum forward velocity
  • 15m/s maximum reverse velocity
  • 20m/s maximum lateral velocity
  • 120°/s maximum rotation


  • 25mm EDD armour
  • 1200 ammunition cells


  • At-Stabber
  • Hornet
  • Solar Flare

Variants Edit

Bobcat EX Edit

The Bobcat EX carries a different weapons loadout - Standard Minigun, TAG Cannon, and MITS mine.

Black Dog Bobcat Edit

Identical to standard NSDF model in every respect, but showing its age compared to the more modern Grizzly. Fitted with an AT-Stabber as standard, but contrasted with the standard NSDF Bobcat it carries Phantom VIR in place of Solar Flare.

Red BettyEdit

Svaltk render
The Red Betty differs from the standard Bobcat in only its paintjob, which is derived from the CCA Stoli. The custom craft as seen piloted by American soldiers who defected to the CCA with Wilhelm Arkin. The Red Betty is actually a custom model with the Stoli skin rather than a custom texture, and was created by DeusExCeteri to demonstrate the GEO Editing Utility. Its name derives from Bobcat Betty, one of her pseudonyms.
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