Blast Cannon
Name: Blast Cannon
Type: Cannon
Filename: gblast
Ammo Cost: 75
Damage: Heavy
Speed: 1e30 m/s (effectively instant)
Range: 300m

The Blast Cannon is an incredibly powerful beam weapon capable of inflicting high amounts of damage to enemy vehicles. It is a red, instantaneous cannon that is used by all factions. It is the ancestor of the ISDF Blast Cannon, seen in Battlezone II.

Blast Cannons are utilized by Black Dog and NSDF Gun Towers, as well as the Golem and Yeren walkers. It is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the game, despite its lower fire rate and high ammo consumption.

Description Edit

A larger, more powerful version of the Cold Fusion Laser, the Blast cannon delivers a short but powerful laser beam burst that does tremendous damage to enemy armour. The energy needed to create the laser requires a great deal of nano-ammo. For this reason, the blast cannon is best used by gun towers. It is best for use against light-armoured targets at great range. It is hindered by the same long cooldown time and heavy ammunition requirements.

Design Edit

The Blast Cannon is a linear, red laser beam that has an incredibly long range. It is capable of automatic fire, however its fire rate is somewhat slow. The Blast Cannon's greatest weakness is its high ammo consumption per shot and relatively large scrap cost.


A Golem firing the Blast Cannon.

Tactics Edit

The Blast Cannon is pre-equipped on the NSDF and Black Dog Gun Towers, as well as the CCA Golem and CRA Yeren in pairs. Because of it's long range and high ammo use, it is most effective as a defensive weapon.

The Blast Cannon is also commonly used in Deathmatch maps that support it, however because of the normal abundance of Ammo Pods it is usually considered "cheap" and "overpowered". In Strategy matches, only the CCA and CRA can launch it from the Armory, and is used almost exclusively by players.

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