NSDF Black Dog Squadron
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Faction: Black Dog Squadron
Era: Biometal Wars

The NSDF's elite Black Dog Squadron played a central part in defeating the CCA and CRA. Widely recognised as the best of the best, they are also seen as somewhat unstable and as a result are typically sent on missions that would otherwise be suicidal, with little expectation that they will survive.[1]

Platoons Edit

Unnamed Black Dog Platoon (The Red Brigade) Edit

The Black Dogs were first seen in action deployed against the CCA on Venus, where they attempted to capture the Soviet scientist Chestikov as the Russians fled the planet. They then travelled with the Liberty to Io in pursuit of the CCA, where they encountered the relic stolen by Wilhelm Arkin but were unable to recapture it and were forced to follow the CCA again to Titan. After a protracted campaign where they failed to not only recapture the relic but also to destroy the Furies it was used to create, they were wiped out by the Soviet war machines.

4th Platoon Edit

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The Black Dog 4th Platoon, under the command of Commander Harris, deployed to Ganymede in February 1971 while the NSDF regulars fought on the other Jovian moons. Once they had determined that the CCA had not hidden Wilhelm Arkin and the stolen relic there, their duties were primarily in keeping biometal supply lines open. These duties fell apart when they were ambushed by the CRA, who were already present on the moon having ousted the Soviets. Their battle against the Chinese led to the discovery of the ancient Cthonian Pegasus Device, and through it an extrasolar planet named Elysium, but almost led to fully half of the column becoming trapped on the other side of the portal.

Shaw's Platoon Edit

Main article: Rise of the Black Dogs

When the CCA and NSDF formed a truce in order to take down the Furies, the Black Dog platoon led by Commander Shaw were never notified. As a result the surviving column returned to Luna with no knowledge of the Soviet surrender, and were surprised to find American and Soviet forces working in tandem. The resulting confusion leads the squadron across the solar system before they return to Luna with the intent of warning Earth of what had happened in space, facing resistance from the NSDF, CCA and Furies along the way. They successfully evacuate the moon, but do not make it to Earth and are presumably captured.

Legacy Edit

Several members of the Black Dog Squadron were used as guinea pigs in the infamous experiment known as Project Pedigree, a super-soldier project led by Commander Armond Braddock that attempted to fuse the human body with biometal. Whilst the experiment was a resounding success these Black Dogs eventually broke out from under Braddock's control and fled the Solar System to become the Scion Convergence.


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