Bz reich unit bezirker
Name: Bezirker (from "Berserker" or "Bezirk", territory)
Faction: Third Reich (Raumkräfte)
Type: Turret

The Berzirker was created to function as the turret for the Third Reich Raumkräfte.


This self-propelled medium-range artillery turret was to provide the primary defense for German bases on the moon. Its turret would have been able to swivel rapidly, although its gun mount could never have been very powerful. A group of these little devils operating in tandem, however, could chew up all but the heaviest vehicles. It is unclear how the Germans planned to hold the turret in place once it reached its desired position on the battlefield.[1]

Lost Brigade Edit

The Berzirker was created during development of Lost Brigade, a precursor to Battlezone set during World War II which was cancelled over fears that it would be impossible to market in Germany.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • The name Berzirker may be a bastardisation of the word "Berserker" for Norse shock troops, but since the German word "Berzirk" refers to an administrative territory the name may also refer to the area the turret defends.
  • The official description of the Berzirker describes it as a "medium-range artillery turret" but then goes on to describes it having a relatively weak gun mount, which is at odds with Battlezone's depiction of artillery and is more appropriate to a turret. Its physical appearance also seems to indicate a turret over an artillery piece. If the Berzirker were indeed an artillery unit, it would be the only known Raumkräfte unit of a class not usually constructed by a Recycler.

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References Edit

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