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Benchmark Demo
Demo01 bz1 shell
Name: Benchmark Demo
World: Achilles[1]
Campaign: Combat Exercises

Faction: NSDF
Enemy: CCA
Scrap: 0
Geysers: 0


Chronology (Battlezone Demo)
Tran04 shellDemo01 bz1 shellNomapbz1

The Benchmark Demo is a mission included in the second version of the Battlezone Demo, also present as an unused mission in Battlezone. It features no gameplay and loops a short cutscene five times, displaying the average framerates at the end. Like The Playground on the retail version, the mission can only be accessed from the Combat Exercises mission archive.

Details Edit

Demo01 combat

A skirmish at the CCA outpost

As the name suggests, the benchmark demo was created to gauge the performance of the computer it is run on. It shows a Grizzly, Thunderbolt and Longbow - the former implied to be the player - launching an assault on a CCA  outpost defended by two Stolis, a Tusker and Grendel from a small staging point. The cutscene is controlled by the standard AI system and the combat will therefore play out slightly differently every time. It runs for 55 seconds or until the Grizzly is destroyed (the latter is more common), then resets.[2] After playing five times, the game displays the average and maximum framerates.

Trivia Edit

Demo01 editor

The Satellite Towers to the south

  • The map used for the demo was derived from that used for Tapping the Core and has only a few minor differences (such as the presence of several small lakes and streams).
  • There is an NSDF Lightning Power Plant, Communication Tower and CCA Satellite Tower pre-placed to the south of the area where the cutscene takes place, but they never appear on-screen. The player will spawn here if the mission is loaded with the /startedit flag.[3]
  • Bug iconBug! With every repetition the game redraws building shadows, causing the shadows of previously-destroyed objects to get larger and blacker with each iteration.
  • Bug iconBug! Dropped scrap from destroyed units and vehicles are not removed when the mission resets.
  • Bug iconBug! While the map can be launched from a shortcut in release versions of the game, attempting to do so causes 1.5 to lock up.



Appearances Edit


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