The Appearances section of an article is used to detail which parts of the series the article's subject appears in. In cases where this is a particularly long list, a Scrollbox may be used.

Note Templates Edit

Several different types of note can be applied to the Appearances section. These should be added using Appearance Templates:

  • {{firstmention}} First Mentioned: Denotes that this is the first time (in release order) the subject has been referred to in any way. Should only be used if the first mention predates the first appearance.
  • {{first}} First Appearance: The first time (in release order) that the subject makes an actual appearance.
  • {{mention}} Mentioned only: Indicates that the subject is referred to but does not appear.
  • {{extension}} By Extension: Indicates that the subject may appear, but is not included in the content per se (for example, Battlezone content appearing in The Red Odyssey). Not to be used with Assets Only.
  • {{assetsonly}} Assets Only: The subject is present in the game files, but inaccessible during normal play. Not to be used with By Extension.
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