The Battlezone Wiki is an encyclopaedia created by and for the fans of the Battlezone series. Based on the wiki framework, it allows and encourages editing and contribution from any user to any article.

History Edit

The concept of a Battlezone wiki first came about with the creation of BZUniverse in 2002, though the wiki there acted solely as a front page and did not allow editing by its users.

After an outage scare on BZUniverse, which had become a home to members from across the Battlezone community, BZWasteland was set up in 2005. Its wiki was only received sparse edits over the next several years it nonetheless gathered a significant amount of content. It continues to run under the name BZComplex, where the wiki remains open to this day.

This wiki was set up in 2009 by HK-90 on November 14 2009, though it was left inactive on the same day.

Two years later Total Avenger created a wiki at, which after a brief spurt of activity in its first week slowly began to lose contributions.

In late 2012 AHadley, a former sysop on BZComplex, adopted this wiki and began building it up from its inactive form to the version you are reading today. It merged with the abandoned in April 2013, and began merging with at the same time.

At the start of April 2014, Launchalot began another Battlezone wiki at This wiki contains very little content and is primarily a mirror of content copied from the wikis here and at BZComplex. The site was closed during mid-late 2015. Another wiki was started by Nick Desuza as part of Project Battlezone, but this quietly died and was removed from the internet in 2016.

The merge with was completed in December 2015. Just over a year later, in February 2017, the wiki became a Heracles Brigade project.

Staff Edit

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