Bz jewel
Composer: Jeehun Hwang
Publisher: Activision
Release Date: 1998-02-28

The soundtrack to Battlezone was composed by Jeehun Hwang[1] and is stored on the game's disk. The first track contains only data.

Track listingEdit

# Description Level Audio
1 No audio; this is a data track containing the game.
2 Low, thrumming bass notes and thin strings, with tense synth bass rhythms appearing a third of the way in. A lead cello section carries the piece to the end. Combat Driving, Defensive Command, Bio-metal Scavenging, Attack and Destroy, Armageddon, Divots, multst35
Bz track1
3 Recognisable as the track that opens the NSDF campaign. Starts with tuned synth percussion and a harsh alarm-like sound, with bass strings easing in beside a military snare and brass fanfare. Red Arrival, An Unexpected Connection, A Nasty Surprise, The Golem Ambush, Leap of Faith, Europa, Moon
Bz track2
4 Ambient sound effects slowly change through a brass line into a frantic orchestral pattern. Some hints of woodwind can be heard in this track before it drops back to ambient sound. The Relic Discovered, Flying Solo, Corner Pocket, multst24
Bz track3
5 Sine-based synth sounds carry between a piano bass and violin ostinato, then drop out to ambient effects and stereotypical "space noise" sounds over a string bass. Tapping the Core, The Evil Battalion, Theater o' Pain, Rings of Fire, Ice Ice Baby, Stomp, Coliseum, Benchmark Demo, User Mission 1
Bz track4
6 A heavy and industrial-sounding rhythm appears at the start, with a dark synth bass over the top. Slow brass appears towards the end and turns the piece into a faster-paced action track with strings and choir. Escape from Mars, Total Destruction, United We Fight - United We Die, Punishing the Black Dogs, Z Monolith's Revenge, Purgatory
Bz track5
7 A slow, deep brass line with trumpet lead gives way to a fast synth-string bass pattern. The track ends with a heartbeat rhythm and breathy synth sound. Bring it Home, The Ultimate Quake, Crown
Bz track6
8 Synth percussion fades under a slow chime, with tense strings that give way to a low synth bass and bold brass chords interrupted by slow, deep brass notes. Eagle's Nest 1, The Race is On, Reclaim our Base, Entombed, Singularity, Citadels, Odin's Eye
Bz track7
9 A brass fanfare and choir introduces a rhythm-heavy string-led phrase, followed by dark ambience and slow brass. Tense and frantic strings appear again towards the end. Closely related to track 11. Clear the Path, Mars Rally, Big Venus Map, Paranoia
Bz track8
10 Synths and strings begin the track, but cut out over a rapid tremolo bass synth and bass brass lead with panning sound effects. Behind Enemy Lines, Strike at the Heart, Precious Cargo, Blast Chamber, Z Neo-Halofexx
Bz track9
11 A recognisable fanfare with throbbing synth bass, a slow brass interlude and a rapid string ostinato, with fast percussion and a choir line at the end of the track. Related to track 9. Controlling the High Ground, multdm21, The Compass, Hell, Sniper Target
Bz track10
12 Battlezone's "theme track", with marching snare, string bass and clear brass fanfare over the top. A string section and choir appear later on, as well as some ambient electronic sounds. Wrangling the Fleeing Herd, The Three Beacons, Io's Bridge, User Mission 2
Bz track11
13 Marching snare and bold brass sounds give way to a dark synthesizer bass and tense rhythm. Frantic strings appear towards the end. Z Crossroads, Canyon Madness
Bz track12
14 Rapid and even brass with a responding bass line start, drop out over synth ambience with accelerating rhythm, then reappear at the end. multdm15, Great Pyramid, Par 3
Bz track13
15 Opens with a lone snare and quiet industrial sound effects. Bass strings repeat a short ostinato throughout, then pass it to a higher section. Z Snowed In, Battle by the Sea
Bz track14
16 Slow string patterns and stabs swap for returning low bass and panning effects, with a low brass lead and more strings coming in at the end.
Bz track15


  • One of the trailers for Battlezone uses another Jeehun Hwang track called Flame Tongue, from the soundtrack of MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat. The other also uses a track sourced from elsewhere, though that has yet to be identified.
  • In late 2012, Carey Chico released three tracks used early during development on his website.[2]


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