Battlezone II
Bz2 jewel
Composer: Carey Chico
Publisher: Activision
Release Date: 1999-12-18

The Battlezone II soundtrack was composed by Carey Chico[1] and is included on the game disk.

Track listingEdit

# Track Description Audio
1 (No Track) No audio; this is a data track containing the game.
2 "Death Count in Spring" Actual title isdf_1.
Militaristic, but empty and sombre with a distinctive orchestral hook. Very similar to the music played during the intro cutscene.
Isdf 1
3 "Barrack Waltz" Actual title isdf_2.
Not a waltz. Spare percussion, with piano and strings over the top.
Isdf 2
4 "Scion Encounter" Actual title isdf_3.
Faster, with repetitive percussion and a synth loop in the background and strings, piano and choir in the foreground.
Isdf 3
5 "Weather the Storm" Actual title isdf_7.
A march with a repetitive piano, ethereal choir and plucked strings.
Isdf 7
6 "Drive the Rush" Actual title isdf_6.
An action track with synths, fast percussion and a background choir. String stabs start apparing half-way through.
Isdf 6
7 "Through Marsh and Mire" Actual title scion_1.
Much more tribal than the ISDF tracks. Starts out with percussion and choir and builds to include a choir and string/brass sections.
Scion 1
8 "Body Hammer" Actual title scion_2.
Features a steel-drum-like synth and repetitive string hooks throughout.
Scion 2
9 "Strike at Core" Actual title scion_3.
An action track with ambient background, bright percussive synths and woodwind parts.
Scion 3
10 "Stalking a Sentry" Actual title scion_5.
A more tribal track with lots of percussion and string pads.
Scion 5
11 4:48 of a simple A440 sine wave followed by 3:11 of silence.


  • The names used in the track list are unofficial, but appear on multiple online CD databases having been submitted by a fan.
  • The Battlezone II Music Pack, a near-complete set of unreleased tracks from Battlezone II, was released by Carey Chico on July 8th 2011.[2] Several other unreleased tracks were released on Chico's website in September 2012.[3]


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