Battlezone II: Combat Commander
Official Strategy Guide
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Author: Mark H. Walker
Publisher: Brady Games
Pages: 224
Release Date: December 21 1998[1]
ISBN: 1-56686-936-6

The Battlezone II Official Strategy Guide is the official guide for Battlezone II, written by Mark H. Walker and published by BradyGames. [2]


The guide covers many aspects of the game, including:

  • Introduction: An in-universe introduction to Battlezone II and the guide itself;
  • The ISDF: Description, statistics and strategy tips for fourteen ISDF vehicles;
  • The Scions: Similar information for fourteen Scion vehicles;
  • The Weapons of Battlezone II: Brief descriptions and strategy advice for 39 of the game's original weapons, including combat and assault variations;
  • Scattering Scions and Humiliating Humans: General Strategies for Battlezone II: General gameplay tips on topics including basic movement, using the terrain, resource management and unit grouping;
  • In The Beginning: Walkthroughs for the terrestrial missions of the ISDF Campaign, from This Is Not A Drill to The Wormhole;
  • The Middle Campaign: Mission walkthroughs for the five missions between Through the Looking Glass and On Thin Ice;
  • A Battle Royale: Walkthroughs for the missions between Counterattack and Core;
  • A Species Not Worthy: Mission walkthroughs for the seven missions of the A Species Not Worthy;
  • The Multiplayer Zone: Tips an advice on connecting to and playing online StrategyDeathmatchCapture the Flag and King of the Hill matches, with maps, statistics and situational strategy tips for 31 multiplayer maps;
  • A seven-page index

References Edit

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