ISDF Field Manual
Bz2 manual
Published: 1999
Writer: Belinda M. Van Sickle
Director: Mike Rivera
For in-universe document the manual is modeled after, see ISDF Field Manual.

The Battlezone II Manual is a supplementary document published alongside Battlezone II: Combat Commander created to provide players with backstory and basic information required to play the game. Like its predecessor it was mocked up as a copy of an in-universe document, in this case the ISDF Field Manual.

Content Edit

The guide provides a rounded introduction to the game, including:

  • Introductory pages designed after the ISDF Field Manual, including non-disclosure and reproduction warnings, foreword and safety summary, transcript of Armond Braddock's Round Rock address, account of the Battle at Long Ravine and accompanying transcript and report, Braddock's memo regarding the Secret History leak, and psychological assessments for Braddock, Henry Manson, Yelena Shabayev and John Cooke;
  • Basic gameplay instructions including a detailed walkthrough of the game's menus and controls, and basic tips on movement and combat;
  • Strategy tips covering the command and control interface, radar, production, navigation beacons, satellite view and resource management;
  • A detailed description of the ISDF units and buildings and their functions, and additional information on most Scion units;
  • Descriptions of a selection of weapons of both ISDF and Scion origin;
  • Build trees for both factions;
  • System requirements, installation instructions and troubleshooting;
  • Game hints depicted as Major Manson's Survival Tips

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