The Battlezone II Hit Team was a group of fans who contributed ideas and suggestions to Pandemic Studios during development.[1]They were coordinated by Stacey Drellishak.[2]

Pandemic sent several questionairres out to Hit Team members, using them as a sample to gauge community response to design issues. The responses would in some cases invoke discussion with the developers on certain aspects of the game's production.[3]

Questionnaires[edit | edit source]

The contents of the first questionnaire are unknown, but the questions asked by the second and third are recorded on By mid-1999, the questionnaires had ceased.[4]

Second Questionnaire[edit | edit source]

The second questionnaire, which was sent out in October 1998, was relatively simple and asked for input on the game's genre and its placement within the market. Specifically its questions asked about the balance of action and strategy in the original game, and how that might be improved; which features of Battlezone were used most, and by extension also those which were underused; and which other games of the period the sample audience was particularly awaiting.[5]

Third Questionnaire[edit | edit source]

Two months later the third questionnaire asked a great deal more questions, though these took the form of a more statistical than abstract anecdotal analysis and mostly aimed at how the respondents played the original. Questions asked included the respondents' favourite world; how they connected to multiplayer and which gamemodes they played; preferred weapons, playstyles, control methods and vehicles; what content they had created; and their input on the released Sabre designs.[6]

Members[edit | edit source]

Though uncredited in the Battlezone II Manual, the members of the Hit Team were credited as "Visioneers" in the HTML manual included with the game. Due to the ambiguous formatting of the credits in the manual the four programmers who worked on Dark Reign II are occasionally identified as Hit Team members.[7][8]

  • Joseph Ruffolo
  • James Dicken
  • Ryan Clemmer
  • Panayoti Haritatos
  • Thomas Norris
  • Gary McCoy
  • James Dillinger
  • Alan Precourt
  • Ron Kramer
  • Samuel Pettit
  • Mark Valentine
  • Gareth Morgan
  • John Mahlendorf
  • Jon Brook
  • Dimitri Zelepuhin
  • David Miller
  • Darin Genereux
  • David Finan
  • David Barron
  • Chris Chao
  • Richard Grochowski
  • Iouri Lechtchev
  • Wayne Gray
  • James Sutliff
  • Pete Shinners
  • Carl Hooper
  • Frank Tinning
  • Gary Gray
  • Steve Tobin
  • Hector Barrera
  • Scott Johnson
  • Chad Cutlip
  • Michael Simmons
  • Michael Leparc
  • Andrew Kuschnerait
  • Joseph Faske
  • JP Bowdoin
  • Charles Otoupalik
  • Terry Blanchard
  • Kevin Hoekman
  • Derek Brinkmann
  • Jason L'Hirondelle

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