This list indicates the order in which missions from Battlezone, Battlezone: The Red Odyssey and Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs occur.

Mission Order[edit | edit source]

Combat Exercises Stars and Stripes The Red Brigade Expansion Campaigns


Combat Driving
Sniper Training
Defensive Command
Bio-metal Scavenging
Attack and Destroy


Red Arrival
Eagle's Nest One
The Relic Discovered
An Unexpected Connection
Escape from Mars
Behind Enemy Lines
A Nasty Surprise


The Golem Ambush

[2] §

Red Storm
The Playground

Wrangling the Fleeing Herd Precious Cargo
The Race is On The Evil Battalion

Dogs of War


Bring it Home
Io's Bridge
Flying Solo

Controlling the High Ground
Clear the Path
Total Destruction

Reclaim our Base
Punishing the Black Dogs
The Three Beacons Rise of the Black Dogs


United We Fight - United We Die
Strike at the Heart
Tapping the Core
The Ultimate Quake

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • ^* : Whilst there is information on the order in which expansion missions occur and when these campaigns start and end, there is no further information on how they relate to the original campaigns.
  • ^‡ : This mission could occur at any point during the indicated period.
  •  : These missions are not necessarily simultaneous. If not, they do occur within a very brief period.
  • ^‖ : These two missions could occur at any time during the final four missions of The Red Brigade.
  •  : It is not clear when this campaign ends.
  • ^# : This campaign could begin at any time during the indicated period.

References[edit | edit source]

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