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Battlezone full logo&background
Developer: Rebellion Developments Ltd.
Publisher: Rebellion Developments Ltd.
Platforms: PS4, PC
Release Date: TBD

Battlezone (working title) is a reboot of Atari's 1980 arcade classic. It features epic, virtual reality tank combat across huge, retro sci-fi environments. It is developed specifically for next-generation VR devices including Project Morpheus.

It captures the revolutionary feel of the first Battlezone while providing instant arcade adrenaline with deep tactical knowledge.


The Rotberg Corporation: A glistening industrial complex dominating all that remains of the neon wastelands of Earth.

Humanity: Enslaved, exiled and on the edge of extinction.

You: Mankind’s last hero. The planet’s only hope.

Take control of The Cobra – the most powerful vehicle ever built – and experience the future of virtual reality combat.


  • Retro-futuristic graphics: offers a rich, saturated visual style that pays homage to the original vector-based Battlezone
  • Diverse environments: with distinct color palettes, scale, structures, enemy, and atmosphere
  • Obliterate ground and air-based enemies across a huge map with procedural enemy spawn
  • Load the Cobra with a wide range of devastating weapons and awesome combat utilities. Outflank and outwit the enemy, cut through its legions of ground and airborne troops and blast your way to a final confrontation with the metal mind of the Rotberg Corp.



Battlezone Official E3 Reveal Trailer

Battlezone Official E3 Reveal Trailer

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