Battlezone: The Red Odyssey
Tro jewel
Composer: Kochun Hu
Publisher: Macmillan Digital Publishing
Release Date: 1999-02-24

Battlezone: The Red Odyssey's soundtrack was composed by Kochun Hu[1] using Scream Tracker 3.[2] It is occasionally wrongly credited to Marc "StarDagger" Weerts, a musician who didn't join Team Evolve until after The Red Odyssey was released.

Unlike the other soundtracks in the series, the tracks used in The Red Odyssey's were given names.[3][4]

Track listingEdit

# Track Description Audio
1 (No Track) No audio; this is a data track containing the game.
2 Red Odyssey Main Theme
Tro track1
3 First Wave
Tro track2
4 Base Assault
Tro track3
5 Construction Zone
Tro track4
6 Black Dog Down
Tro track5
7 Killed in Action
Tro track6
8 Starship Troopers
Tro track7
9 Portal
Tro track8
10 Theme Reprise
Tro track9
11 Covert Maneuvers(sic)
Tro track10
12 Intro Cinematic
Tro track11


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