The Red Odyssey
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Developer: Team Evolve
Publisher: MacMillan Digital Publishing
Release Date: February 24 1999[1]

Battlezone: The Red Odyssey, commonly referred to as The Red Odyssey or by the initialism TRO, is the second official expansion for Battlezone. It introduced two playable factions, the Chinese Red Army and the NSDF Black Dogs, a new campaign for each, and five new multiplayer maps.


Activision began development of an expansion for Battlezone shortly after its release, but the designs were shelved before anything more than a few pieces of concept art could be created. The plans were later outsourced to Team Evolve, who grew the concept into The Red Odyssey. Most of Activision's developments were discarded during this period, though the Repair Supply Unit exists in an untextured state in the released expansion's assets and the CCA Rammer design was later re-used for the ISDF Interceptor in Battlezone II.

The Red Odyssey only had a limited release; only 400 copies were produced and all of them were released inside the United States.[2]


The Dogs of War campaign follows a Black Dog unit on Ganymede who are deployed on the Jovian moon Ganymede to gather bio-metal. Two weeks after arriving they are ambushed CRA tanks outfitted with cloaking technology. After regrouping, the Americans discover the Chinese are using a Cthonian technology, the Pegasus Device to travel between Ganymede and the extrasolar planet Elysium. Control of the portal switches hands several times until the Black Dogs finally succeed in annihilating the CRA.

Red Storm, the CRA campaign, takes place before the Black Dog missions and follows the CRA's attempts to steal the Pegasus Device from the CCA.


The Red Odyssey introduced both new factions to multiplayer, along with five new maps. The 1.5 Patch has since added both factions to Battlezone, though the new maps have yet to follow.

1.3 Patch

For the patch for Battlezone, see 1.3 Patch (Battlezone).
For the patch for Battlezone II, see 1.3 Patch (Battlezone II).

The Red Odyssey 1.3 patch - not to be confused with the patches of the same version number for Battlezone and Battlezone II - was released on July 31st 1999. It resolved invisibility of the Black Dog Bobcat, fixed Recycler selection with the Black Dog Grizzly in Strategy (it previously provided an NSDF Recycler), and added the Labyrinth deathmatch map.[3]


In 1999, the Battlezone Gold Pack was released to commemorate the launch of Battlezone II. It bundled Battlezone and version 1.3 of The Red Odyssey with Battle Grounds, the Battlezone II Demo and the Battlezone Official Strategy Guide, but as before was only released inside the United States.[2]


  • The Mandarin text on the coverart for the box is a very rough translation and reads "The Great War in Ao Desai (Odyssey)". The word Odyssey itself was not translated to an equivalent word in Mandarin but instead is a phonetic translation of the word, leading to some slight confusion for players who can read the text.


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