Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs had a MIDI soundtrack composed by Matthew Simmonds1, partially inspired by and expanding on the original. The tracks reproduced here are recorded from the original MIDI files, as they use a format that is not interpreted correctly by modern systems.

Track listing

Title Description Audio
Title A short rising fanfare played over the title screen. File:Rbd title.ogg
Menu A rendition of Battlezone's main theme, slightly shorter than the original. File:Rbd menu.ogg
Tutorial Fast percussion and rapid synth bass, with slow brass and string lines. A bass string interlude half-way through introduces additional brass lines over the top. File:Rbd tutorial.ogg
Mission 1 Opens with a sharp synth sound and light brass pad, with the introduction of brass and percussion later on. Probably one of Rise of the Black Dogs' more identifiable tracks. File:Rbd msn1.ogg
Mission 2 A plucked string bass opens the track, which builds with the introduction of several brass lines and a marching snare. The latter section of the original's track 4 with additional brass picks up in the middle and continues to a fanfare at the end. File:Rbd msn2.ogg
Mission 3 Opens with sparse percussion and a solo string part, then builds into the latter half of track 3 from the original with the string line continuing over the top. File:Rbd msn3.ogg
Mission 4 A slow thrumming rhythm with flowing strings, interrupted by a repeating bass and string stabs with brass lead throughout. File:Rbd msn4.ogg
Mission 5 Based on track fifteen from the original soundtrack, with new string parts introduced part way through. Percussion drops out to make way for pizzicato strings, then resumes a slow marching beat. File:Rbd msn5.ogg
Mission 6 Industrial percussion and string pads carry through the first half of the piece, before a synth bass and fast-paced percussion appear alongside repeating brass and string patterns. File:Rbd msn6.ogg
Mission 7 Heavy percussion and a bass drone with low brass lead. Synth parts and a trumpet lead are introduced and the tempo picks up towards the end. File:Rbd msn7.ogg
Mission 8 Based on the eighth track of the original soundtrack, with addition and variation of brass lead parts. File:Rbd msn8.ogg
Complete A fanfare played on mission success. File:Rbd win.ogg
Failed A short sting played when a mission fails. File:Rbd lose.ogg
Arcade 1 American Militaristic marching snare with string ostinato and brass lead. A bass drone is introduced at the very end along with slow rising strings. File:Rbd arcade1 us.ogg
Arcade 1 Black Dogs Slow percussion with deep synth bass and lead. Brass chords introduced over the top. File:Rbd arcade1 bd.ogg
Arcade 1 Soviet Lots of marching percussion and a bass drone with quiet brass lead. Slowly builds over a synth bass at the end. File:Rbd arcade1 sv.ogg
Arcade 2 American Marching snare and brass fanfares throughout. File:Rbd arcade2 us.ogg
Arcade 2 Black Dogs Heavy delayed snare and complex synth bass line, with brass chords and string pads, and a plucked string bass over the top. File:Rbd arcade2 bd.ogg
Arcade 2 Soviet A slow march with bass drone, low brass bass and higher patterns at lead. File:Rbd arcade2 sv.ogg
Arcade 3 American Slow brass pattern with snare and a quiet synth bass. File:Rbd arcade3 us.ogg
Arcade 3 Black Dogs Wide bass sound and rhythmic synths with string pad and brass lead. File:Rbd arcade3 bd.ogg
Arcade 3 Soviet Industrial percussion and rhythm synth, with string bass and leads. Gathers speed with the introduction of another synth towards the end. File:Rbd arcade3 sv.ogg


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