Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs had a MIDI soundtrack composed by Matthew Simmonds1, based mostly on track from the original.

Track listing

Title Description Audio
Title File:Rbd title.ogg
Menu File:Rbd menu.ogg
Tutorial File:Rbd tutorial.ogg
Mission 1 File:Rbd msn1.ogg
Mission 2 File:Rbd msn2.ogg
Mission 3 File:Rbd msn3.ogg
Mission 4 File:Rbd msn4.ogg
Mission 5 File:Rbd msn5.ogg
Mission 6 File:Rbd msn6.ogg
Mission 7 File:Rbd msn7.ogg
Mission 8 File:Rbd msn8.ogg
Complete File:Rbd win.ogg
Failed File:Rbd lose.ogg
Arcade 1 American File:Rbd arcade1 us.ogg
Arcade 1 Black Dogs File:Rbd arcade1 bd.ogg
Arcade 1 Soviet File:Rbd arcade1 sv.ogg
Arcade 2 American File:Rbd arcade2 us.ogg
Arcade 2 Black Dogs File:Rbd arcade2 bd.ogg
Arcade 2 Soviet File:Rbd arcade2 sv.ogg
Arcade 3 American File:Rbd arcade3 us.ogg
Arcade 3 Black Dogs File:Rbd arcade3 bd.ogg
Arcade 3 Soviet File:Rbd arcade3 sv.ogg


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