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Battlezone: Insurrection
"One Shall Lead" promotional poster
Developer: Heracles Brigade
Release Date: October 2015
Period: Early 1970s

Battlezone: Insurrection is an upcoming 2015 unofficial expansion pack for Battlezone. Insurrection's theme revolves around rebellions developed during the Biometal War.

Insurrection is to be released late October 2015.


When Soviet leadership becomes corrupt, a revolution will rise that cripples their power and changes the Biometal Wars forever.

Insurrection's primary campaign, The Uprising, revolves around a group of Soviet rebels that have sided with the NSDF in hopes of exacting revenge against their former leaders. The player takes the role of Victor "Max" Maximov, the leader of the Renegades and a pivotal player in the outcome of the Biometal Wars.

The secondary campaign, A Traitor's Fate, depicts a struggle against American rebels that threatens to put an end to NSDF Command and everything they have fought for.

Insurrection takes place during the early 1970s, coinciding with the events of the American campaign.


Insurrection features a new faction, the Renegades, a group of Soviet rebels set on the defeat of the CCA. This faction will be both playable in singleplayer and multiplayer as a playable faction. The Renegades specialize in cheap, mobile units using symmetrical hulls and unique weaponry and abilities. Notable examples include the Locust, a rocket-class hybrid of the Hornet and TAG Cannon; and the Turbo, a special ability that temporarily increases the user's speed.

In total, Insurrection features over thirty campaign and Instant Action missions. A primary quality of these missions is their emphasis on story and replay value, instead of repetitive and commonly-used objectives. All missions are Lua-based, and all campaign missions include custom dialogue.

Every multiplayer map included with Insurrection features custom commands and enhancements, all of which will be open source upon release. These additions include AI-controlled units in Deathmatch, game variants in Strategy, and several extensions for MPI.



The original Renegade Tank, with the original designs and color scheme.

Before actual planning and development began, the previous working title for the expansion was Battlezone: Uprising, however was later changed to Battlezone: Insurrection after debates between alternative titles.

Insurrection was announced in May 2014. Up until that November no official development was made, after which multiplayer development began. On March 21, 2015, a remake of A Nasty Surprise was released with intentions of showing the differences in style of Insurrection and the base game. In April, multiplayer development ceased and focus shifted towards singleplayer and its dialogue. On May 6th, a demonstration of multiplayer commands was released using pre-built maps.

On July 22, the secondary campaign, A Traitor's Fate, completed it's development cycle. This commenced the start of a major rewrite for the primary campaign's plot, as well as its development.

Insurrection's development is led by blue banana, with the Renegade models and textures by DeusExCeteri. Additional developments are with the assistance of the Heracles Brigade and Battlezone 1 Community.

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