Battlezone: Imperial Insurrection is the name of a cancelled expansion for Battlezone that was being developed by Activision. Elements of its design later appeared in Battlezone: The Red Odyssey and Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs.

Concept Art[edit | edit source]

Aside from the released contents of The Red Odyssey and Rise of the Black Dogs, little is known about Imperial Insurrection's intended contents except from a set of vehicle and building concept art images collected from artists by community member Tempest Storm. These units are mostly grouped into pairs that perform mostly similar functions in different ways, adjusting the mostly-symmetrical balance between the NSDF and CCA to give the NSDF a bias towards long-range bombardment and the CCA a bias towards ground assault. The modified balance implies that Imperial Insurrection may have been intended to be set after the events of the original game.

Units and Buildings[edit | edit source]

Fate[edit | edit source]

After its cancellation by Activision, Imperial Insurrection's assets were passed on to Macmillan Digital Publishing. After passing through another team that failed to deliver on the project Macmillan handed the project to Team Evolve, where it was developed into Battlezone: The Red Odyssey.[1] Some other ideas that never made it into The Red Odyssey were passed on to Battlezone: Rise of the Black Dogs, though many still never made it to a final product.[2]

After discovering the similarity in name between the cancelled expansion and his own mod Battlezone: Insurrection, modder Cameron Horton took inspiration from a number of its other attributes.[3]

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