Battle at Long Ravine

Scion Exodus


5th July, 1979

  • ISDF victory
  • Scion retreat to Core system


Scion Convergence

  • Unknown
  • Patrick Flannery
  • Majority of Scion forces
The Battle at Long Ravine was one of the most significant events during the Scion Exodus of 1979. It eventually led to the fall of Hammer Valley, the last Scion stronghold, which in turn caused the Scion Convergence to retreat to the Core system.

Prelude Edit

The ISDF, under the impression that their foe were Furies, had been pursuing the Scion Convergence relentlessly since their escape from Project Pedigree, to the point that Titan's Hammer Valley was their last bastion. By assaulting this directly, the ISDF hoped to cut off other Scion units to allow them to be dealt with without the risk of reinforcements arriving.

Combat Edit

The already-retreating Scion Convergence set up defence along the last ridges the ravine ran behind before reaching the valley, but Gold Squad (piloting Wolverines and under the command of Henry Manson) instead used another set of ridges to lace the Scion communications facilities with mines in an attempt to break up the defending forces. The Scions consolidated their defence of the ridges to account for the new weakness and began to break through the ISDF offensive line, killing Manson's lieutenant Patrick Flannery in the process, but Gold Squad were able to gradually push their way through the Scion forces by sheer weight of numbers and force the Scions into retreating straight into the approaching Blue Squad. As the Scion defence grew more frantic, the Gold Squad continued to push and both the ravine and the valley fell under ISDF control, the latter with little to no Scion resistance.

Aftermath Edit

The Scion Convergence, having lost Hammer Valley, fell into full retreat and eventually left Sol for the Core system. It is not certain whether the ISDF knew of this retreat, or assumed their foe destroyed.

According to Miller's recommendations, Manson was promoted to Major. Flannery was also nominated for a posthumous medal.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The ISDF Field Manual refers to the Furies in place of the Scions, much like the Society for the Freedom of Truth documents and the introduction of the Battlezone II Official Strategy Guide. Initially, this was interpreted as a mistake, but it was eventually realised by examining details such as the "Fury" battle tactics that it was actually presenting Braddock's statement that the Scions were a yet-unseen breed of Fury as fact, as the ISDF believed at the time.

The use of Blue and Gold squads may be a reference to the blue-and-gold colour scheme used by Scion craft..

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  • ISDF: A Secret History - Another document which deliberately fails to distinguish between the Scions and Furies.
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