Bane render
Position: Fourth planet of the Core system
Distance from Suns: 16.9 AU
Surface Temperature: -9C
Axis Rotation: 0.94 days
Sun Orbit Period: 7.1 years
Diameter: 7400 Km

Bane is the outermost world of the Core system. It is named for its inhospitable icy environment, the result of a nuclear winter triggered by a previous, and by its length presumably planetwide, nuclear holocaust.[1]


Bane and its moon Barak orbit the suns at the center of the system at a particularly sharp angle, suggesting the planet may have been an extrasolar capture. Its vast orbital distance is at odds with its surface temperature, which is similar to what might be expected of a world in its stars' goldilocks zone; this is only partially due to the additional heat of the system's stars and is likely mostly down to a greenhouse atmosphere (tinted pink most likely by high electromagnetic activity) and active core.

Despite its inhospitable conditions the presence of liquid water on Bane renders it capable of supporting life. The only forms of life currently taking advantage of this, however, are the large and lumbering Ice Rhino and the Snow Urchin; of the planet's previous civilisation little more than ruins and automated defence towers remains. The sole exception to this is the massive Alchemator connected to the planet's core.

The planet's surface is mostly covered in ice and snow, with occasional rocky outcrops and crystallised mineral deposits. Closer to the sites of the various detonations the environment is heavily polluted and ruins less prevalent; the warheads used on Bane, while primarily nuclear, appear to have been enhanced with other components. No surviving life can be found here.

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  • The in-game statistics for Bane were accidentally copied from those of Rend. For Battlezone: Combat Commander, a new set of statistics were produced from the more accurate set published on the Battlezone II website.[2]

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