ISDF Attila Walker
Ivwalk grid
Faction: ISDF
Name: Attila Walker
Built By: Factory

Built Time:
Scrap Cost: 100

P cannon 1 Blast Cannon x2
P gun 1 Laser x2


The Attila is an extremely tough unit that can go toe-to-toe with any other unit in any other army. Its one potential weakness is that it can be swarmed, in which case its slow speed may prove detrimental. The Attila is best employed to spearhead base assaults while backed up by lighter craft and service trucks to keep it filled with ammo, though is also often seen used in conjunction with Bulldog assault tanks to provide a lethal combination of destructive firepower. Many Landmasters were used in rolling over lighter Scion fortifications during The Human-Scion War.

New Regime forces under Braddock also used many of the craft, having enough Bio-Metal to spare in order to use them in large wave attacks on AAN loyalist bases. However, these attacks were often not executed properly and were met by stiff and well coordinated AAN and Scion resistance. Some speculate that such a massive waste of Bio-metal aided in the New Regime's defeat as they eventually started to lose Bio-Metal mines and all scrap collection efforts were met with failure. As a result, they began to rely an less powerful ships in the later campaigns on Rend where they were eventually defeated, {though it bears note that General Braddock and his few remaining officers defended the last alchemator to the death using these Walkers}. Regardless of the this poor misuse, the Attila remains a very potent weapon if used properly, one of the biggest lessons to be learned from the New Regime.



  • Walking
  • Low speed


  • Heavy armour


  • Guns (2)
  • Cannons (2)
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