Scion Archer
Fvarch grid
Faction: Scion
Name: Archer
Built By: Forge

Built Time:
Scrap Cost: 45

P mortar 1 Howitzer

The Scion Archer is a favorite weapon of Scion Light Brigades and is ideal for opening barrages for base assaults. Traditionally armed with light mortar but capable of being equipped with chemical weapons as well, it saw extensive service on Mire as an ideal ambush weapon and skirmishing tool. It was notably used by John Cooke to destroy power facilities in an ISDF base guarding the Mire alchemator during his time with the Scion Special Forces.

While an excellent long range weapon, the archer is very vulnerable to being attacked on the ground when deployed, and should either be deployed in a difficult to access area or guarded by turrets or other static defenses. It also has light armor, meaning if it is engaged on the ground they will be dispatched with ease. If properly deployed though they will serve as an excellent tool in any Scion commander's brigade.

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