Alpha 007
Position: Seventh moon of Alpha
Surface Composition: Water and rock
Diameter: ~6400 Km

Alpha 007 is a moon of an unidentified gas giant somewhere outside the solar system. Its environment is somewhat similar to those of Achilles, which it is slightly larger than, and Earth, which it is around half the size of.[1]


The terrain of Alpha 007 is mostly rocky, with some low-growing plants similar to grass, moss or lichen covering the surface. The presence of such flora, as well as what appears to be a thin atmosphere, indicates the presence of liquid water on the moon.

History Edit

Alpha 007 is the first world on which the NSDF arrive after passing through the Stargate on Venus. The CCA arrived at roughly the same time, but unlike the NSDF had been using their base there to construct Furies and warheads. They initially overwhelm the NSDF but are later pushed back by reinforcements.[2]

The presence of at least one Fury Production Facility on Alpha hints that the planet may have been involved in the Hadean Crown Fury programme, though the Furies there do not seem to be hostile towards the CCA.


Trivia Edit

  • Common naming convention for planets and moons in science fiction suggests that Alpha 007 is the seventh moon of a planet named "Alpha", though the typical notation for this uses roman numerals.


References Edit

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