The 2.1.201 patch was a combined update for Battlezone 98 Redux and its Red Odyssey DLC that was released on August 24th, 2016.[1]

Major Changes Edit

Battlezone 98 ReduxEdit

The Red OdyssesyEdit

  • Multiple mission flow and balancing changes
    • Hidden Enemy: Reduced difficulty
    • Spilt Milk: Tuned difficulty, fixed units spawning on top of each other
    • Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Launch issues fixed, Scavengers leave slower, final chase difficulty reduced
    • Blitzkrieg: Attack waves reduced
    • Protection: Fixed bug that caused unlimited enemy spawning, reduced attack wave size
    • Rescue Me: Fixed Howitzers, fixed minefield to be effective against player
    • From Out of Nowhere: Added an empty enemy ship to make retreat possible after discovery
    • Light Up and Let Go: Delayed mission completion to allow for final voiceover
    • Sammy: Reduced difficulty, reduced enemy spawning the longer player remains in cover, reduced enemy turrets to single weapon

Trivia Edit

  • Official patch notes list the changes to Light Up and Let Go and Sammy as to the eighth and ninth Chinese missions, despite Red Storm having only eight missions and Sammy not being a campaign mission.
  • The changes listed to Sammy are eroneous, as the mission has no turrets.

References Edit

  1. Patch Notes - The Red Odyssey 24/08/2016! on Steam Community
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