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The 1.3 Test Team is a group of community members who have been selected to help test and develop private builds of the Battlezone II 1.3 Patch.

Responsibilities Edit

The 1.3 test team's primary responsibility is to locate and report issues with the private 1.3 patches. This can involve testing changes that are particularly radical, so long-standing community members with an in-depth knowledge of the game are preferred. The team works under an informal non-disclosure agreement and cannot discuss the contents of the private patches with the public.

As only Nathan Mates and Ken Miller have access to the source code, the patch team are also responsible for submitting and vetting asset changes in order to lighten their workload. These changes often involve shifts in balance or addition of new content.

Current Members Edit

Including Nathan and Ken over 130 individuals are credited for assisting development [1], but after the sudden closing of Battlezone Universe in February 2011 (nearly seven years into the project's development) the previous team roster and bug database were lost, leading to a complete reset of team members. The team currently consists of 33 members:[2]

  • Red Devil
  • Commando (honorary lead tester)
  • Daylight
  • OvermindDL1
  • Nielk1
  • Huib-Bloodstone
  • sabrebattletank
  • squirrelof09
  • APCs r Evil
  • RubiconAlpha
  • Z28
  • darkwarrior
  • General BlackDragon
  • Zax
  • MrTwosheds
  • Axeminister
  • TheJamsh
  • Avatar
  • Ded10c
  • GreenHeart (honorary lead asset manager)
  • Zero Angel
  • Feared_1
  • bigbadbogie
  • DarkFox
  • Blue_Leader
  • Smoke_Jaguar
  • Juggernaut
  • yeah
  • scout
  • SUB-0
  • Mauler_Bait
  • MrsGSH
  • Jabbapop

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